The Consignment Process

Thank you for choosing to shop & sell with us! If you have 10 items or less, feel free to stop in the store, no appointment necessary. If you have more than 10 items please call (701) 212-1567 and we will set up a convenient time to meet. Our clothing is carefully inspected to check for flaws & determine suitability of the type of merchandise to ensure it fits our brand image.

After the clothing has been inspected & if it is accepted, it is priced & place in the store. Items are typically priced at around 1/3 of the original retail price.


  1. Items should be freshly laundered or dry cleaned and folded neatly in boxes, tubs or on hangers (no garbage bags please).

  2. No pet hair, smoke free, pilling or excessive wear & tear.

  3. We accept clothing around 3 years old or newer & that is on trend with the fashion industry.

  4. Women’s sizes 0 to 6X, and petites.


Consignment Policy: Consignor will receive 50% of the sale price of the items sold. There is a $3.50 item fee that gets applied to each item that sells for administrative purposes. Items will be marked down by 20% after 40 days, 50% after 60 days & 70% after 90 days. If not sold by that time, they are then donated to various women’s charities arount the FM area.

We reserve the right to donate an item or sell at a reduced price if any damage is found while the item is in store. We reserve the right to include all items in sales. Consignors can contact MBFC after their 90-day contract to obtain a donation receipt.

Payment Policy:  Consignors receive 50% of the price at which the item was sold as described herein. The consignor can call or come in at anytime to see if any of the items have sold. For items sold for $30 or less, cash will be given to the consignor. A check will be written for amounts above $30. Funds can also be applied to store credit. The consignor has the option to collect funds in-store or have a check mailed for a $0.60 postage fee (subject to change). Checks are void after 90 days. If funds due to the consignor (including store credit) are not claimed, they will be deemed abandoned and forfeited in accordance with state law. If any check is misplaced (during the 90-day time frame), MBFC will re-issue the check for a $5 fee.

Shoplifting Policy: We do our very best to prevent theft at our store location. My Best Friend’s Closet and it’s employees are not responsible for loss or damage to your items while they are located in the store.

Seasonal Policy: Fall & Winter items will be accepted mid-August. Spring & Summer items will be accepted mid-February. This all depends on inventory & weather conditions. PLEASE CALL for exact dates and details for Fall/Winter & Spring/Summer seasons.

 Brands we look for: We look for designer & mall brands/styles, boutique fashions, & other current trends. See list below.

Consignment Buying Hours:

Monday: 10-5

Tuesday: 10-5

Wednesday: 10-5

Thursday: 10-5

Friday: 10-4

Saturday: 10-2



Brands We Accept

We look for designer brands, mall brands & styles, boutique fashions, & other current trends. We consign athletic wear, denim, everyday basics, leather, fur, accessories, & one-of-a-kind items. Below is a sampling of the brands, boutiques & designers we currently sell & consign.

View the brand list here.

Not sure if your items fit? Give us a call or DM us on Facebook or Instagram!